Vilicotel blog opening

Noul blog Vilicotel dedicat noutăților din businessul și software-ul pentru industria ospitalității.

We are very excited to announce the new Vilicotel blog inauguration, a blog we want to bring together all those interested in hospitality, hotel business in general, and how the new software systems are called to respond and support the new business models and innovation in this highly competitive sector. We believe that there is no other industry where disruptive innovations occur so often, in which the technical novelties get so quickly at the application level, which makes the HORECA field so dynamic and fascinating. We also want to highlight the modern trends in hotel business such as those related to the application of revenue management strategies, of course also from the point of view of software applications that can facilitate data analysis and substantiate strategic revenue management programs. We believe that this informative and formative dual character of the blog will prove to be a successful formula and will contribute to generating and preserving an emulation atmosphere around this innovative field of hospitality and its associated software systems. 

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